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Trainig of specialists - users and administrators - is an important factor in the successful implementation of information systems. This is especially important in terms when new system is totally unfamiliar to the client's staff, or low level of general IT-background, or very limited implementation time.


Certain alternativeof  training is to prepare high-quality operational documentation, but the use of «distance» learning by instruction is less effective.


For the organization of full-time studies are used or exit, or central courses. In any case, training is conducted according to a previously developed recommendations using both lectures and practical classes, when each student has the opportunity to perform close to the real situation on task of real software.


One effective method to improve the interest of listeners in the perception of the material is to hold test in the end of the course. At the same time the audience needs to know about such examination at the beginning of lectures. Also, even minimal testing can identify individuals who have unsatisfactorily low level of background and can not be allowed to work with the information system.