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Implementation of information systems

Information systems are usually considered in the context of a comprehensive project to establish information systems. Although the specialized implementation projects are possible, especially when it comes to problems of system integration, or delivery of specialized, «boxed» solutions.

The successful implementation is a product of several activities.


First, the main decisions have to be incorporated in the design phase - poorly designed and realized system is usually difficult to implement. Should be taken into account specifics of the system (distributed by region, centralized, used technologies), set aside terms to implement, its phasing, staff background.

One important factor is the reasonableness of technology deployment, detailed instructions of the installation and adjustment processes, and using of the software, staff training, constant monitoring of implementation phase, quality technical support.


One of  important factor is the reasonableness of technology deployment, as detailed instructions of the installation and commissioning, and to use the software, staff training, ongoing monitoring of the implementation, quality technical support.

As a rule, implementation is that precise reference point for evaluating its success.

Realizing this, Medirent company pays much attention to implementation of information systems questions, and has an effective developments in this matter.