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System integration


The modern world of information technologies is  fantastically versatile. Today are offered a set of directions, technologies, standards, methodologies. In such a situation it is very difficult to determine which solution fits each particular decision in a particular situation, how effective it is, what is the cost of its ownership , does not it disappear after a few months, the possibility of integration with other technologies, and many other critically important questions for  the success of the project.


System integration involves a comprehensive approach to solving customer problems, based on knowledge, or even better - a positive experience with the use of modern technologies. As a rule, should be taken into account areas such as construction and analysis of business processes organization, attention to the most important customer requirements, binding to the specific realities (location, premises, existing channels of communication, the specificity of staff, etc.), hardware and telecommunications solutions, building structured cabling, server rooms, providing electrical power, access control, fire safety, system-wide solutions (operating systems, database management systems, development tools, etc.), software applications, its implementation, staff training , documentation, modernity, and at the same time tested solutions, the total project budget, cost of operation and maintenance,  questions of information protection.


Therefore, in matters of system integration is essential not only the existence of fundamental knowledge in specific technologies, but the ability to compose it an optimal way.


The specialists of Medirent company have ten years experience of successful execution of projects of system integration related to the provision of comprehensive, customer agreed technologically, organizationally and economically efficient.