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Service, support and accompaniment

Medirent company provides technical support, maintenance of information systems, especially those which created by us.

The realities of modern world and business require the most rapid response to changing conditions, new requirements, systems should function in uninterrupted mode, execution of its expansion, scalability, disaster recovery.


Depends on complexity and importance of the business system organization, relies importance to provide technical support. It is logical that precisely organization - the developer can handle the job in an optimal way.


Projects on creation of information systems include, as one step in the schedule, or as after-sales service, technical support services and maintenance.


Typically, they include:


  • Surgical correction of errors
  • Development of new reports
  • Certain improvements of software (for example, minor changes in the legislation, the introduction of new search terms, attributes, etc.)
  • Execution of the administration, support of database management systems, backup database archiving, disaster recovery, early identification of «bottlenecks» in the system and the formation of proposals to its elimination
  • Users consulting («hot line»)
  • Development of additional guidance materials


Process of maintenance is ordered and controlled by its own system class Service desk.