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Supply of hardware systems

Performance, reliability, security, cost, performance and guarantee hardware capabilities are critical factors for building an information system.
In most cases, software solution affect the hardware and vice versa. Assessment of the needed hardware configuration, especially in the early stages of the project, as a rule does not give high accuracy.
As a result, the customer can acquire hardware or insufficient for the required parameters, or extremely excessive. Also, it often happens that bought «rainy» obsolete equipment at the time of commercialization of the system, which reduces the efficiency of investment.
Charging us to supply the hardware as part of a comprehensive project, the customer is largely reduces the above risks. As a rule, we offer our clients a phased approach, which is as follows:
  • Identify all the basic requirements for the system
  • Develop the first version of the software
  • Conduct its trial operation at the pre-purchased by (or even a rented) processing facility in order to accurately determine the maximum demand on your hardware for industrial implementation. Further, this complex can be used as a backup, or as a test track
  • To be purchased based on a core set of the most clearly defined in the previous step requirements. 


This scheme allows the customer to start trial operation of the system with minimal investment in hardware system, conduct effective investment in the basic hardware as the requirements for it will form the most adequate procurement will be conducted at the time of industrial application, which will eliminate unproductive downtime and obsolescence before the operation.


Medirent company alone or jointly with partners - the world leaders in the industry, has the ability to deliver technical means virtually any level of complexity, spend their installation, commissioning, start-up and optimal configuration of this equipment information systems.