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Software development

According to unique design, software products can be divided into the following classes:


  • Standard software («boxed products»). Typical representatives of such systems are office packages, mail clients, graphical editors.
  • Systems – «constructors», which, although delivered in the standardized form, require significant debugging in the implementation process. This class includes ERP, accounting systems, document management systems.
  • Information systems «in order». Unique information systems.

Each of these categories has its own benefits, drawbacks, market-based cell. Despite the rapid development of information technologies, attempts to standardize everything, the demand on individual software development from year to year is increasing.


Why do companies choose a unique design, abandoning standardized solutions? 


First of all, our world is very multi-faceted, therefore exist many tasks, specific businesses for which it is impossible to find a ready system. Of course, this is the most obvious reason for the choice of custom development, but not the only one.

Redundancy «standardized» solutions on the market. As functionality as budget  required for getting, implementation and further support for such a system. And while sometimes creating the illusion that a powerful system to world standards, implemented in a large number of successful companies that will solve all problems, it so happens that the company began working on the system, not a system on the enterprise.

Inability or lack of desire to change business processes, are often dictated by standardized solutions, for example, ERP-systems. Particularly often such situation arises where the activity highly regulated by legislative rules or specific of production, business.

The desire to obtain exclusive customer service, attention to the project. When you create a custom  system, most closely with between client and developers happens. At the same time we can achieve a high degree of understanding between all parties of the project, to establish a compromise cooperation, maximally to take into account not only the formal requirements, but also wishes, expectations.

Required  for prompt completion of software, providing quality technical support. With proper organization of work, urgent customer requirements can be implemented «for yesterday», that is almost impossible in the case of standardized, and furthermore «packaged» systems.

Required to integrate new systems into existing IT-infrastructure of company, or creation of an integrated solution with existing software and hardware systems. It is not always standard solutions may satisfy the requirements of the necessary integration with other systems, or the costs of such integration exceeds all reasonable limits.

Required to provide a high level of data protection. It's no secret that the requirements for data protection in Ukraine, there are some specific. And to satisfy such requirements «box» or standardized systems, usually, foreign manufacturers impossible. Development for order in such circumstances, once focused on the proper regulatory framework, technical solutions, steps for creating both the cushioning system and a comprehensive information security system, including the examination and obtaining the certificate of conformity.

Medirent company specializes in developing information systems for order precisely, that very well awares of the specifics of such activities. In addition to knowledge of the necessary technology, tools, standards, staff years of experience, we follow the philosophy of  human, an honest relationship with our customers. The biggest priority for us is not only a formal performance contracts (it is also important !), but also the satisfaction of all the key elements of customer personnel: management, IT-departments, users, persons who are directly affected by the system. We always provide the client with all necessary assistance, including those in related industries, and in our dealings with customers do not have questions like: «Are there any questions to buttons?».


The project to develop custom software can be quite flexible, depending on the specific system, the customer's wishes. As always, it is includes the following steps:


  • Preliminary analysis of system requirements.
  • Pre-planning.
  • Preparation and signing of the contract.
  • Examination of the automation object, formation of detailed requirements.
  • Development of technical specifications.
  • Techno-design engineering (architecture, design, coding).
  • Testing.
  • Preparation of program and operational documentation.
  • The deployment of the system.
  • The introduction of the pilot operation.
  • Refinement of the results of trial operation.
  • Deployment of the main package of technical support.
  • Data migration from previous system (if necessary).
  • Optimization of the system.
  • User training.
  • Implementation into commercial operation.
  • Warranty service.


Typically, customers are interested in unique solutions to long-term technical support, as well as emergency and planning upgrading of systems. And these services can provide an optimal way directly to the developer of the product.



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