Press-center > News > 10.12.2012Medirent company completed the project «Election of People's Deputies of Ukraine».
10.12.2012Medirent company completed the project «Election of People's Deputies of Ukraine».

10.12.2012Medirent company completed the project «Election of People's Deputies of Ukraine».

In July 2012, Medirent company was selected the winner of the open tender for the purchase of services for modification of information-analytical system «Elections of People's Deputies of Ukraine»  Unified Information Management System «Elections».


Medirent company was a difficult and very important task - to 3.5 months left before the elections of people's deputies of Ukraine, it was necessary to do a huge amount of work to create a national information system and implement it in full commercial operation with the highest level of reliability and data protection .


As part of the project Medirent company and its partners completed:


  • software development information and analysis system «Elections of People's Deputies of Ukraine»
  • training users of the Central Election Commission and election constituencies
  • deployment of the CEC and in all 225 district election commissions
  • establishment of hardware and software at the Central Election Commission
  • advice on all matters in the deployment of District election commissions
  • connection of the system to the telecommunications network
  • creation and validation of the integrated systems of information protection
  • deployment of four mirror sites Central Election Commission.


In the election of 2012 was first built a centralized web-based system. Bet on a centralized web-based architecture was one of the decisive factors for success.


But the main course was the experience and professionalism of our team. Specialists of Medirent company have the unique knowledge and experience in the automation of the electoral processes in Ukraine. Together with partners provide general elections since 2004.


The project was successfully implemented in a very short period of time - 5 months.


The main criterion of success was the smooth functioning of the IAS «Elections» during the voting and counting of votes, the lack of comments on it by the CEC, the participants in the electoral process and the public. Medirent company  around the clock technical support and advice to users of election constituencies during election day and the next seven days.


Given the extraordinary public interest in IAS «Elections of People's Deputies of Ukraine» and the requirements of the state to protect its information resources, considerable attention was paid to the construction of the Integrated Information Security (KSZI). On KSZI System «Elections» certificate of conformity has been obtained, confirming the system to all the requirements of data protection. Protection system has been built not only formally, but in practice, to provide protection against all types of threats and attacks.


The official website State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine:


During the voting and counting (late October - early November 2012), the CEC website has become one of the most popular information resources in Ukraine: more than 5.5 million visits.


Specialists of Medirent company awarded diplomas, gratitude of the Central Election Commission, the highly regarded than their significant contribution to the success of the elections in Ukraine