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Pension Fund of Ukraine

To date, none of the 12 million pensions in Ukraine is not assigned without using software developed by the specialists of Medirent company.
Our key employees automate activities of the Pension Fund of Ukraine (PFU) since 1998.
Starting with the development of automated system personified account payments on obligatory pension insurance, currently the company's specialists have created an Integrated complex information system of the Pension Fund of Ukraine (IKIS PFU), which automates nearly all key processes in the organization.
Medirent is an absolute leader on a national scale in the field of informatization as a social sphere in general, and pension insurance in particular. Taking into account the distinct advantage of our competitors in the field of private pension insurance, we are the leading developer of information systems at all three levels of the pension system of Ukraine: solidarity, state funded, non-state components. 
Database of the Pension Fund of Ukraine - one of the largest in Ukraine and the key not only in the field of pensions, but also in terms of social-economic and budgetary processes of the state as a whole.
Integrated complex information system of the Pension Fund of Ukraine is a system of national and strategic importance, the key instrument of automation not only pensions, but also many other tasks in the sphere of social protection of the citizens.
IKIS PFU includes about 20 subsystems are built on the principles and closely related. Among the key processes of the Fund that automates IKIS PFU: 
  • individual accounting (annual and monthly reporting) 
  • registries of policyholders and insured persons 
  • appointment and payment of pensions 
  • analytical reporting 
  • electronic interaction with other agencies 
  • provision of electronic services and citizen self-service (Web portal PFU) 
  • receiving e-statements 
  • electronic document 
  • management of the visitor services, and many other
Number of registered users IKIS PFU is about 19 thousand employees working in all offices of the Fund on the territory of Ukraine (about 500) and the central office.
Medirent realizes continually development of the system, the design not only software, but also the corresponding business processes of the Fund.
Much attention is paid to the construction of complex information protection system (KIPS).
Experts of the company, with unique experience and fundamental knowledge in the pension area, constantly improve the technical solutions and business processes of the Pension Fund.
In the Pension Fund has registered more than 30 million. insured, 12 million pensioners, several million insurance premium payers. 
The system is tightly integrated in the exchange of information with other agencies (social insurance funds, the State fiscal service, registers The Ministry of Justice, etc.).
Register of insured persons PFU is the key, the most complete and actual in the sphere of social protection in Ukraine.
Given the degree of implementation, technical organizational solutions IKIS PFU, together with Web portal, is a high degree of readiness for inclusion in the national system of electronic government. And given the strategic nature of the issues of pensions, it will become in him a key element.
Moreover, now IKIS PFU is one of the largest and efficient electronic control parts of the State.