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The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (State Enterprise «National Information Systems») 
Medirent company is one of the leading developers of national registers and other databases in Ukraine.
For needs of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, we have developed and introduced into service the following information systems.
Information system «State Register of acts of civil status»
Enables the creation, maintenance of up-to-date and versatile use of one of the most important for every citizen of Ukraine registry - the registry of civil status.
The information system has a centralized architecture, is used cryptographic information protection, working in close connection with other systems of the Ministry of Justice. 
For the convenience of citizens was created specialized web portal, through which you can manually submit the necessary applications for making entries in the register of civil status
The information system consists of the following subsystems:
  • administration
  • normative-reference information
  • matching registers
  • web-portal «Treatment in the field of State registration of acts of civil status»
  • application
  • formation of output documents
  • recording function
  • reporting
As part of the work also created a comprehensive system of information protection.
Information system «State register of civil status» implemented in the Ministry of Justice, as well as in all registry offices in Ukraine.
System Scale:
  • number of users: 30 000 (not including citizens - Web portal users)
  • total number of acts of civil status: more than 130 million
Information system «Electronic reporting notaries»
Provides the ability to both public and private notaries quickly and conveniently serve the whole set used in their work reporting the relevant regulatory authorities of the Ministry of Justice, and the regulatory authorities, in turn, carry out automatic monitoring and analysis of submitted reports.
The system was created in the framework of e-government concept has a centralized web-based architecture, uses a digital signature. In 2014 it was put into operation on the territory of Ukraine.
«Electronic reporting notaries» consists of the following modules:
  • authorizationof remote users
  • management of central-level users
  • completion and update of the reporting controls
  • keeping of normative-reference information
  • timing flow statements
  • formation of reporting packages
  • automatic notification of an approaching deadline for the submission of notaries public reporting
  • receiving reports of notaries at the central level
  • formation of analytical reports
  • work with reports on the levels of regional departments of Justice and the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine
Users of the system are more than 6.5 thousand employees of the Ministry and notaries throughout Ukraine.
A computer program that provides the maintenance of the Register of enterprises, for whom bankruptcy proceedings have been initiated
Purpose of the system:
  • keeping the Unified Register of Enterprises for which instituted proceedings in the bankruptcy case
  • keeping the Unified Register of arbitration managers
  • automation of processes, feed, processing and analysis of arbitration managers reporting
The main modules:
  • maintaining a register of arbitration managers
  • view of bankruptcy cases
  • formation of reporting packages arbitral managers
  • receiving forms of arbitration managers reporting
  • view the arbitration managers reporting
  • formation of analytical reports on these statements of arbitration managers
  • statistical reports
  • administration
  • control reporting
Users of the system are more than 3,000 employees and the Ministry of arbitration managers.