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Central Election Commission

Specialists of Medirent provides automation of elections at all levels of government in Ukraine since 2004, have a unique knowledge and experience in this critical field in support of statehood:
  • Presidential Election of Ukraine: 2004, 2010, 2014
  • Election of National Deputies of Ukraine: 2006, 2007, 2012, 2014
  • Local Election: 2010, 2015.
During these years we constructed  Single information-analytical system «Elections» (SIAS «Election»), which provides a comprehensive approach to the automation of the electoral process.
In the parliamentary elections of 2012, following the principles of innovative development, we have built a centralized web-based system that successfully showed all its positive aspects.
In this case using the pledged in 2012 the basic web architecture allowed to provide the automation of the Presidential elections in 2014 in the shortest time - less than two months to develop, training from all over Ukraine, the implementation of more than two hundred of district election commissions, providing for calculating salaries for 400 thousand members of the commissions, etc.
SIAS «Election» is extremely complex from a functional point of view, a system that ensures the implementation of more than 20 complex tasks for each type of election (People's deputies, the President, local) at all stages of the electoral process.
Typical general elections, which automates the system is:
  • about 200 electoral districts
  • 30 thousand polling stations
  • 6.5 thousand сandidates (for deputies)
  • almost 400 thousand.official observers
  • 400 thousand the members of election commissions
  • about 30 million voters.
During the election Medirent company provides  round the clock operation of the technical support center for all organizational, applied, technical issues, as well as data protection.
SIAS «Election» is critically important element of democratic processes in Ukraine, allowing transparent monitoring of the electoral process, including the counting of votes, ensuring public acceptance of the election results and, consequently, the legitimacy of power.
Specialists of Medirent were awarded certificates of honor, gratitude to the Central Election Commission of Ukraine, the highly acclaimed than their long-term contribution to the successful holding of elections.