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The Inspectorate for Training and Certification of Seafarers

By Medirent company was developed and implemented into operation an Automated system for the registration and inspection of documents sailors of Ukraine.
The system is intended for automation and information technology support the main productive activities of the State Register of documents sailors Ukraine. This aim is achieved through the implementation of a single system storage and exchange of information between:
  • diploma, passport departments seaports
  • educational and training institutions
  • state qualification commissions
  • crewing
  • foreign administrations
  • other identified groups of clients
using modern information technologies.
For the possibility online check the legitimacy of documents and certificates of seafarers on the basis system was created specialized web portal, through which you can submit your own inquiries to verify the documents
The system provides automation of the following processes:
  • maintaining a register of organizations and agencies that inspect the documents sailors Ukraine
  • keeping the register of certificates of seafarers
  • maintenance and printing applications and protocols of state qualification commission meetings
  • maintenance and printing of documents sailors in graduate-passport departments seaports
  • records of requests verification query the legitimacy of documents, processing, generation and printing of answers
  • reports formation
  • controlled public access to the functions of check qualifications Ukrainian sailors via the Internet - created Web-portal for checking the legitimacy of certificates and documents
  • maintenance of users and distribution of access rights
  • reference guides
  • audit user activities in the system
Automated system for registration and verification of documents sailors put into operation:
  • the number of users: 1000
  • total number of documents: more than 20 000 per year