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E-reports Gathering

Complete system for filing and processing of electronic reporting (SER) is designed to automate the creation and submission of reports containing operational information that is available from the regulated to the regulatory agency, and the processing of these reports.


The main functions of the SER are:


  • Maintaining subject register
  • Formation and reception reporting
  • Data analysis SER


Users of the SER are:


  • External users of subject regulated (in part enter the information and reporting).
  • Members of regulatory agencies (in part of reception and analysis of registration data of the regulated and accountable).
  • External users - visitors to the site (in part of analysis and view the open part of the SER).


The system does not regulate the type of reporting - it can be any reports submitted in any of the regulated agency.

The system is web-based, centralized system. Login supposed to open site regulatory agency.


Advantages of SEA - availability of flexible solutions in terms of:


  • Registration of external users of SEA that enter data on the subjects of regulation in SER.
  • Maintaining the Register of regulated - input, control, printing and data processing Registry.
  • Reporting settings - Identification of the reporting forms, the definition of the formulas auto-fill forms and formulas of control statements.
  • Record keeping - input, control, printing and processing of accounting data.
  • Analysis and reporting of the Register of regulation - the formation of standard and adaptive forms of reporting.