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Olympus.Tools Dev Platform

Olympus.Tools is a complex consisting of finished products, components, skeleton (framework) and tools for developing client applications and business logic rules, operation and maintenance of distributed information systems, built using a multi-tier client-server architecture. When we create counted Olympus.Tools we use best practices of our company by the creation and maintenance of large distributed information systems.

Features of Olympus.Tools:
The realization of principle for reusable components. As part of a set of basic Olympus.Tools implemented set of basic components and subsystems (a subsystem of access, the audit system) and provided interfaces for the development of component software. At the same time complited application modules can be reused in different application subsystems within Olympus.Tools.
Unification of the user interface. In Olympus.Tools development of a unified framework for creating application interfaces is realized. Unified interface is supported for all applications products and developed appropriate standards for design the user interface. Realization of most standard elements in the basic classes development environment causes them to automatically route and immediate dissemination of changes to all application forms.
Component of application systems and the ability to «hot» component replacement. Due to component organizations  the individual finished parts are made in the form of independent modules (plug-in) and can be distributed independently of each other. This allows us to effectively operate and maintain a system to quickly replace or upgrade individual parts of it. At the same time changes in a separate form or module do not lead to changes in other parts of the system.
Ability to build distributed systems that take into account the specificity of low-quality channels. Olympus.Tools Replication Manager - patch database replication system that allows you to solve the problem of distributed systems creation in terms of  low-quality channels of communication or its lack.
Ease of distribution and modification software versions. Olympus.Tools SDS allows for centralized delivery and recovery software versions over the Internet from the developer's site, or on the intranet of the customer from a central site. The system as automated and allows the administrator to quickly install the latest version software.