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Olympus.NET Dev Platform

Toolset  Olympus.NET is an environment for development and execution of client applications. Runtime of Olympus.NET - a client application to the mechanism of communication with the database, create reports, basic services. It specifies a method for constructing units of application logic that can be executed at runtime.
Application logic modules are implemented as modules *. dll, connected to the System. To construct the forms of application logic developed infrastructure of basic classes and components that allow  to develop it quickly and as a result have standardized properties of the behavior and appearance.
The use of the system software layer (frame-Work) Olympus.NET for client application provides:
  • single interface that dictates the standard for interfaces implemented in the basic classes and templates, and from which applied forms are created;
  • reuse of components;
  • creating applications with modular architecture and hot-swappable components;
  • creating a uniform code of applications, which makes it easier to support and develop the code, and transfer it to other developers.
Olympus.NET allows you to create high-performance applications to interact with the database. Components of direct access are used for database access. In Olympus.NET uses special components that automatically create a form for find information - filters. Thus, to create filters programming interface is not required,  and only need to create a formal specification of the filter.