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Solutions for Government

Medirent company the greatest success is achieved in the creation of large information systems for government administration.

Our key staff has 15 years of experience in this market. We perfectly know and understand specific of creation of large information systems for government administration, with all its scale, responsibility, dynamism, strict observance of procedures at all stages of the project .
Today , we are entering into a leading group of companies that are actively developing e-government in Ukraine, in particular:
  • the social sphere;
  • automation of electoral processes;
  • health care;
  • providing electronic services to the public and businesses;
  • sphere of control of financial services, etc.
We are proud that our information systems are now used in almost all spheres of social security in Ukraine, as in the public sector and the private sector.
Our software automates all 3 levels of pensions: solidarity, funded systems, private pension funds.
Our more than a decade of experience in the field of social security, allows us to implement information projects in this area at a high professional level, with all the features, relationships legislative, informational, organizational, as soon as possible, to achieve real implementation and achieve the effect of our systems.
Generalized structure of information system for government production of Medirent company is shown below: