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Electronic archive of documents «Salvus»

Electronic archive of documents «Salvus» developed by Medirent company is intended for the storage of electronic documents of the organization and the possibility of interaction with them other enterprise systems according to rights granted. It supports the requirements for confidentiality and integrity of information.
Salvus users can act as automated systems, and individual users. There are two ways to access features:
  • Application programming interface for access by other systems (API)
  • Web users to access application (GUI)
Both methods provide some level the following features:
  • Authorization of users / systems
  • View types document repositories
  • Keeping the directory storage (keeping the logical description of the repository, select the type of storage, keeping the repository access parameters)
  • Issuance of users / systems of rights to use storage
  • View / create volume / partition (with the ability to specify an arbitrary set of stored file / object parameters in the form of additional parameters)
  • Search for files / objects in sections (by static / dynamic parameters) and displays a list of the files / objects
  • Maintain statistics filling storage / volumes / partitions
  • Identification of the rules of archiving / delete / move files / objects
  • Logging operations in general
  • System Administration. The distribution of functions in such roles:
  • Managed storage and volumes/partitions
  • User management
  • The issuance of permits and quotas on storage
  •  Audit user activity
User-owner of a volume / partition:
  • Creating a volume / partition
  • Placing files / objects in volume / section
  • Search for files / objects and receive files / objects lists in volume / section
  • Receive files / objects on the identifier of the partition, marked as public
The main purpose of the system of Electronic archive of documents «Salvus» is to optimize the management and storage of massive amounts of file (binary) data in the process of transition to a paperless electronic document management, especially in the field of public administration, as well as corporate business.
In particular, the effects of the introduction of electronic document archive «Salvus» are significant savings for the purchase of high-speed data storage and optimization of the customer's core application systems.