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Electronic gateway services «InfoCross»

Gateway electronic services and information exchange «InfoCross», created by Medirent company, intended for the organization of a standardized messages between internal information systems / subsystems of the organization with external systems via open communication channels. It supports the requirements for confidentiality and integrity of information in accordance with Ukrainian legislation. 
InfoCross provides the following features:
  • Registration of incoming / outgoing messages
  • Message logging
  • Encryption/decryption of messages
  • Formation of message queues
  • Routing messages
  • Logging of user actions and system as a whole
  • User authorization
  • System Administration:
  • User maintenance
  • Distribution of access rights
  • Maintenance services and settings
InfoCross system is built using IBM Integration Bus. 
On the platform of InfoCross operates a significant number of intensive information flows, associated with the interaction of the various organs of executive power of Ukraine, especially in the social sphere. 
The system provides the ability to quickly and easily implement tasks interchange of structured data via open communication channels (Internet). Apply cryptographic information protection (including certified in Ukraine), as well as built-in in InfoCross industrial technologies, IBM Integration Bus.