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IT Ukraine Association unites a group of leading Ukrainian software developing companies, which have accumulated a successful experience, in terms of sales and licensing their services, at developed markets of North America and Europe. The goal of «IT Ukraine» Association is to consolidate software companies efforts in promoting competitive Ukrainian products at the world market, unite a scientific, educational and industrial potential of Ukraine to develop software meeting the highest international standards, as well as to create the most favorable conditions for the Ukrainian IT industry further development.



Ukrainian Association «Computer Medicine» (UACM) - an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 1992 during the IV Congress of the World Federation of Ukrainian Medical Association with the support of the Ministry of Health. To date, the main focus of the associations on the introduction of a new health information technology to create e-health and health care reform in Ukraine.




Ukrainian public organization «Counsil on Competitiveness Industry Information and Communication Technologies in Ukraine» was founded May 18, 2012 at the initiative of specialized experts, people's deputies of Ukraine and representatives of the central authorities, the business community in the field of ICT, science and education, and those interested in continued development of this sector in Ukraine. The organization's mission is to develop the competitiveness of the industry of information and communication technologies for Ukraine's rightful place in the global economy.