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About company



Medirent company - founded in 1995 ukrainian IT-company specializing in the creation of complex, unique information systems in various fields as public administration and corporate business.


Our mission - to create the vital information systems for our clients. 


Medirent company provides the following services:



The fundamental principles of the company - the highest responsibility, building a long-term, strategic relationship with the customer, result-oriented and customer satisfaction, flexibility in the choice of forms of cooperation, the ability to provide a full range of services, from consulting to maintenance and construction of complex security systems, fruitful cooperation with world leaders in the IT-industry, professional staff, constant development.


Medirent today is:


  • More than 80 qualified staff able to establish an information system of virtually any level of complexity
  • More than 100 completed projects, many of which - of national importance in the social, political and financial fields, medicine and energy.


Collaborating with our company, you have at your disposal:


  •  A team of experienced professionals with systems thinking and focus on success
  • Leading technology
  • Established project management methodology
  • The experience of a large number of successful implementations, especially large-scale projects of national importance
  • Integrated approach to the project
  • Full quality control software
  • Guaranteed a successful result of the introduction
  • Quality support, service and maintenance
  •  A flexible system of cooperation that is convenient for the customer.



To implement the project public sector Medirent  has the necessary permits and licenses, including:


  • License to engage in business activities in the field of technical protection of information
  • License to engage in business activities in the field of cryptographic information protection


Medirent company develops community initiatives in partnership with the leading associations in Ukraine, including:


  • Association «Information Technologies of Ukraine»
  • Ukrainian Assosiation «Computer Medicine»
  • Ukrainian public organization «Council on Competitiveness Industry Information and Communication Technologies of Ukraine»


The largest consumers of products and solutions are:


  • Pension Fund of Ukraine
  • The Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine
  • The Central Election Commission
  • The State Enterprise «National information systems of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine»
  • State Agency on Science, Innovations and Informatization of Ukraine
  • State Fiscal Service of Ukraine
  • Public Service on Issues of Food Safety and Consumer Protection
  • Inspectorate for Training and Certification of Seafarers
  • The Fund of Social Insurance Against Industrial Accidents and Occupational Diseases of Ukraine
  • The National Commission to the State Regulation of Financial Services Markets
  • The State Enterprise «National Energy Company" Ukrenergo»
  • The Ministry of Health of Ukraine
  • The Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine
  • Private companies limited by shares «Odessagaz», «Dnepropetrovskgaz»
  • Administrators of private pensions funds (more than 20)


Why we suggest you choose Medirent ?


  • For us, the success of projects, customer satisfaction is the highest priority! These values ​​- our name, which we treasure! The business philosophy of the company is to make every customer remains satisfied with our collaboration, returning to us again, recommended to his colleagues. We understand the needs of our customers and make every possible effort to meet them. All of our activities are aimed at providing customers with the latest products, services and solutions in the field of information technology, the development of mutually beneficial cooperation modalities.
  • Many years of successful experience. In the modern world, information systems are critical important part of the activity, both private companies and the state as a whole. By bidding on this or any other developer, the customer must be confident in the successful implementation of its tasks.
  • Large applied experience. High competence in the subject area, the ability to proactively create optimal solutions, the availability of qualified staff in the business analysts, project managers, and the ability of the customer to solve the problem of «turnkey».
  • Technical expertise to guide the industry's leading platforms and products, our highly qualified professionals.
  • The continuous development. Realizing that the IT-industry is the most dynamic area of ​​modern civilization, we accept the challenge, responding flexibly to global trends. Our team is constantly in the process of improvement, both individual and collective.
  • Confidence that the professionalism and solidarity are key to our success. We aim to create a team atmosphere where every employee is an important and integral part of the overall business, and every project - the result of a joint creative process.We offer our customers a wide range of IT-services, providing, if necessary, the construction of information systems «turnkey» starting from consulting to protecting the information, support, create a solution.
  • We offer our customers a wide range of IT-services, providing, if necessary, the construction of information systems «turnkey» starting from consulting to protecting the information, support, create a solution.
  • We are open to various forms of cooperation, the partners wishes.
  • The result of this approach - it has successfully completed projects, client satisfaction, professional development company


Corporate Values


  • Civil liability. Many of the systems we have created, is strategically important for Ukraine as a state. In our work we often go beyond the formal terms of the contracts, we perform it in such a way as to bring the maximum benefit to our country, to make it efficient, innovative and progressive.
  • Education, knowledge, experience. Information technology - the top of the world of science. The dynamics of its development affects and delights. We are the carriers of the fundamental base of knowledge, with the aim to be at the forefront of global trends, constantly multiplying their knowledge in the favorite area. Our knowledge, educated professionals and experience the successful implementation of a large number of complex projects is the basis of efficiency and quality of our work.
  • Business efficiency, competitiveness. We are aware of the complexity of the business, which are engaged in, it's highly competitive. We are able to effectively build business processes, manage, and analyze them, to formulate competitive offerings, to be disciplined in our commitments.
  • Ambition and energy. We have come together for the sake of success, victories, and are ready to make all this effort and energy! We like our job, we get great pleasure from it, put it in the soul, and hope that the customers transferred to our mood and confidence in the success!
  • Customer satisfaction. One of the basic principles of our business - it is to achieve a degree of customer satisfaction by working with us, to make sure he continued to collaborate with us, and recommend us to their colleagues.
  • The continuous development. The pursuit of development is dictated by our desire to self-fulfillment, stability, success in business, and professional ambitions. Our development is an indication of the correctness of the chosen directions and ways of life, an indicator of satisfaction of our customers, the success of projects.
  • Decency. Our team is working in the IT field for over 15 years. We see our future in this business, we want to work and develop. And so the reputation for us - very important value of the multiplication of which we are working in each of our project.
  • Creativity. Creativity is the source of inspiration, the desire to do their best work, the desire to win the respect of clients and partners. Creativity makes our work on exciting absorbing process, the result of which are new, unique solutions.